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The miss out on a good deal. Plan your upcoming promotions by marking down the most important dates on your holiday marketing calendar.  push notifications by sending buyer reminders before during and even after launching a timelimited deal. Pro Tip Extended deals add more time or more stock to an otherwise limited deal. You can relaunch or extend a deal when an offer is wellreceived or when a popular product is restocked. Snow Joe Price Drop Snow Joe uses push notifications to inform their customers of major price drops whenever they run a clearance sale. Make use of price drop alerts to inspire more impulse purchases from your subscribers.

Artes Themed Sale Artesia included a coupon

Code in the banner image of their Fathers Day promo. The tone of their message is fun and upbeat. Their CTA lets customers immediately Kazakhstan Phone Number List redeem their off coupon as they browse through their catalog. HAIRtamin Holiday Special HAIRtamin ran a push marketing campaign that was a perfect fit for their Halloween offer. Sitewide promotions are most successful during holidays. Buyers are more willing to splurge when theyre in a festive mood. tentree Cross Promotion Tentree took advantage of their successful Kickstarter campaign to effectively crosspromote their eco backpack lineup.

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Already shown interest in your product to increase average customer spend AVS. Cutting Board Ebook Giveaway Cutting Board offered their Peru Mobile Number Data subscribers a free ebook in a push message as part of a larger drip campaign. Strengthen customer loyalty with highquality content that you know your customers will appreciate. FabAlley Reward Program FabAlley notifies its customers when their reward points are about to expire. This is an excellent example of a push event triggered based on individual data points. Create your own customer loyalty program to encourage shoppers to spend more regularly. StalkBuyLove Giveaway Competition StalkBuyLove.


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