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The gives its new shoppers off on their next orders for all new website signups. A recurring discount is a great way to encourage repeat purchases. Their customers will come back regularly to browse their catalog of new fashion wares with the discount in mind. All Recipes Welcome Content AllRecipes encourages new subscribers to browse their evergrowing collection of recipes. Their aim is to guide their subscriber to content that will arouse their interest.  on whats currently trending on their site. Peach Mode Referral Discount Peach.

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Their next purchase when they refer a friend. Referral discounts are a costeffective way to build a community around your brand. Use indirect Kenya Phone Number List questions to further engage your audience such as a quiz or community poll. Welcome messages that rely on viral marketing are most effective when paired with smaller niche audiences. Backpacker Brand Introduction Backpacker welcome message includes a unique personal story. Backpacker introduces its founder in its push message and directs new subscribers to a longer blog post that covers the history of their brand. Shein Welcome Tour Shein welcomes new subscribers by showcasing its latest fashion collection.

Two CTAs encourage subscribers to shop

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For either clothing or accessories. What makes this notification stand out is its timeliness. New subscribers often have strong buying Paraguay mobile phone number data intent so bringing your latest offers to their attention is a great way to boost conversions when interest is at its highest. Hearst Newsletter Sign Up Hearst uses its welcome notification to drive more newsletter signups. As a contentheavy news site their goal is to get more subscribers across all their channels. Offer free access to gated content through a push notification to steer your audience towards your newsletter or social media pages. Promotional Notifications Are limited offers that compel your customers to buy now rather than.


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