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The ran competitions that gave its subscribers the chance to win free gift hampers. Push notifications are an ideal way to reach out to your customers when organizing timesensitive marketing campaigns. Use giveaway prizes to grow your audience more quickly. The more valuable the giveaway the more likely your subscribers will jump on the opportunity to win a prize. Vahdam Exclusive Deal Vahdam matches customers with exclusive deals based on their shopping history.  into customers browsing habits to figure out what they really want.

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That your subscribers receive based on prior actions theyve taken. These push notifications fit anywhere in the buying process including before Jordan Phone Number List and after a purchase is made. Ecommerce businesses should use transactional messages to reengage shoppers. Pro Tip Use browse abandonment messages to get your customers back into shopping mode. Only Natural Pet Product Highlight Only Natural Pet highlights products that they believe interest their customers based on their prior shopping history. Use previous purchases as a reference to highlight products that your customers are most likely to buy.

Peach Mode Wishlist Highlights Peach

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Mode looks at customer wish lists and personalizes their price drops to match their buying intentions. Let your customers curate and share Philippines mobile phone number data their own wish lists to get deeper insights into their interests. Make your discounts reflect whats currently trending in your store. AskLaila Product Review AskLaila incentivizes product reviews with free discount coupons. Use AB tests to find the best time and wording that will guarantee you higher response rates and better conversions in your push campaigns. Maniology Cart Recovery Maniology recovers abandoned carts by letting their customers know the product they were interested in buying will soon run out of stock. Use push notifications to nudge customers towards completing a purchase when theyve left forgotten items in their shopping cart. MidDay Tab Recovery MidDay brings.


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