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The digitalinkwell Advertisement April Brilliant Push Notification Examples for High Converting Campaigns Reading time about min Weve put together an amazing collection of web push notification examples that you can reference in your own push campaigns. Types of web push notifications Push notifications messages can be completely anonymous or tailored to individual preferences depending on the user data you have on hand.  channels to build accurate customer profiles. With enough data you can send truly personalized notifications. Then automate your push campaigns based on steps that your customers have taken.

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With the above in mind weve gone ahead grouped the examples below into categories that have similar use cases Welcome notifications Promotional Kuwait Phone Number List notifications Transactional notifications Recommendation notifications Update notifications Before we dive into the different notification examples remember to use a push notification service provider to automate your push campaigns. Welcome notifications Are introductory messages that make your customers more familiar with what you have to offer. Send a welcome message whenever someone signs up for your service or makes their first payment on your website.

The goal here is to retain your customers

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By keeping them engaged. Pro Tip Most welcome messages include a big discount to encourage customers to take immediate action. gives Panama mobile phone number data its customers a welcome coupon when a new account is created on their website. Their welcome discount entices new customers into selecting a meal kit subscription right away. The banner image is particularly appealing with a slick catchphrase Cooking as Easy as. Eating and a prominent discount label Get Off. Adidas Welcome Promo Adidas gave a huge flat discount. On any of their products when customers set up a new online profile. The words Now or Never create a strong sense of FOMO fear of missing out that pushes customers towards impulse purchases. Diyanu Recurring Discounts Diyanu.

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