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If hosted in Amazon EC . emails payasyougo Only code APISMTP No SocketLabs Up to emailsmonth forever . emailsmonth HTML templates available Portugal Phone Number List APISMTP Included . Brevo transactional email SMTP Brevo Email API is the best Mandrill alternative for multiple reasons.  emails reaching the spam folder. Brevo ensures high deliverability and open rates. With a dedicated IP address you can be sure your emails will reach recipients inboxes without any delays. You can monitor the reputation of your IP from your dashboard. For shared IP addresses Brevo maintains a high sender reputation by detecting and removing fraudulent accounts timely.

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Practices for improving the deliverability of your emails. Trustworthy SMTP tools You can access SMTP tools to send transactional emails fast and Spanish mobile phone number data effortlessly. No need to run your own mail server. Our userfriendly SMTP relay service is all you need to have great control over your dedicated IP address or a pool of IPs. The SMTP platform is accessible in all plans you can start sending large volumes of emails with optimal. Delivery from month. Easy WordPress integration Our SMTP integrates with WordPress allowing you to enjoy the high deliverability of transactional emails from your WordPress website. Brevos WordPress email plugin is built for marketers and business owners willing to configure WordPress SMTP.


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