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The tags rejecting messages etc. Mind that Mailchimp Transactional Email doesnt store contacts and it makes requests to your external database every time an email is triggered. This is a serious drawback for those who want to collect and reuse recipients contacts in future email marketing campaigns. Which is better Mandrill or Mailchimp You cant really. Compare these two theyre apples and oranges. Mailchimp is an allinone platform for email marketers and Mandrill is a dedicated transactional email service for tech enthusiasts. Although the company. Has already changed the Mandrill name to Mailchimp Transactional Email the platform is still to be transferred to the Mailchimp interface.

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Different interfaces.  purchase Mandrill as a separate tool it only makes sense to use it for those who need the Mailchimp email marketing Qatar Phone Numbers List platform. Pros Robust transactional API designed for developers High delivery speed Whitelabeled click tracking Email deliverability Readytouse email templates. Dynamic personalization functionality Insightful email performance reports. Automatic Rules Engine for changing sending behavior. Cons Coding skills are required No contact storage available in Mandrill You need a Mailchimp account to use Mandrill day log retention isnt sufficient Mandrill pricing.

Mailchimp Transactional Email is free for new

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Users for up to emails before you exceed the limit the demo period will not expire. Paid plans start at per emailsmonth. But to access the addon you Korean mobile phone number data also need to be a user of Mailchimps marketing plans starting at emails a month. As weve already stressed the pricing plans make Mandrill a viable option only for Mailchimp users. Mandrill Alternatives Compared Lets see how Madrills features and pricing compare to alternative transactional email providers MandrillAlternative Free Plans start at Email editor Transactional sending options Email marketing campaigns Brevo Up to emails day forever emailsmo Unlimited contact storage Drag and drop HTML templates.


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