If you have brand colors that are difficult

The are easy to read This may seem obvious but your subscribers wont be too happy if they arent able to read your newsletter content. Using colors that blend together or wash out your text is usually the culprit for these issues.  To read you may need to get creative by trying complementary colors in the surrounding areas. Use a tool like coolors.co to get help finding color schemes that work together. This can increase the readability of your emails and improve reader experience. Similarly brand fonts.

Do not always provide the best reading experience

While some fonts render well on the web or look great in small quantities like in a logo or tagline they may not be conducive to writing an Hong Kong WhatsApp Number List entire email. Instead opt for a clear legible font to ensure emails will be easy to read across different devices and various lighting conditions. If you really want to use your brand font in your newsletter. The headings can be a good place for this. . Make your content accessible Ensuring your content is accessible across all devices and for people with disabilities is another essential consideration of newsletter design.

When an email or website can be properly viewed on

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Various devices desktop mobile tablet its called responsive design. Considering that over of email campaigns are viewed on mobile devices Estonia WhatsApp Number Data creating responsive newsletters is absolutely necessary Thankfully creating responsive content is super easy with most email marketing solutions. For instance all of Brevos email templates are fully responsive and require no additional steps to be viewed on different devices. You can even preview how they look on various email clients. To make your newsletter accessible to people with a visual impairment be sure to add descriptive alttext to your images. This way a page reader will translate your text to speech. . Promote engagement Optimize your email design to.


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