Newsletter images are not only captivating

The brands personality comes through so well. The small graphics and drawings really help readers know immediately who this email is from. . Use highquality images Images can easily make newsletters more engaging but a word of caution Logically images enhance newsletter design by making it more pleasing to the eye and breaking up the text to make it easier to read. This gives readers a chance to rest their eyes especially those using mobile devices with small screens.  they also make the email more approachable increasing reader engagement. Using your own images is always better.

For brand awareness as stock images are easy to overlook

Including informational images like charts and infographics is a great way to convey information visually as well. Some email marketers swear by minimalist plain text newsletters because of their simple clean design organic feel and Hungary WhatsApp Number List enhanced deliverability. The argument is that while images are aesthetically appealing they can quickly result in visual clutter. Too many images and links can also lead to your email newsletter automatically landing in the spam folder. While plain text newsletters do indeed work better for certain topics brands or audiences its up to you to decide

what’s best for your readers by thoroughly AB testing different designs

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We recommend using images where they add value to your newsletter. Featuring a product spotlighting an employee and explaining something El Salvador WhatsApp Number Data via an infographic can all contribute to effective beautiful emails. Just dont take it too far if your newsletter looks like an inventory of all your new products its time to go back to the drawing board. newsletter with images See how the photos in this newsletter from Unruh add value They feature the companys own products customization features and streamlined online ordering process. Well done Unruh Want to learn more Check out our article on using GIFs in Email . Choose fonts and colors that.


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