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The will probably search for it by name. Your Username. Your username on the majority of social media networks will become a part of the URL for your profile on that particular network. Your Profile and Cover Photo. Your profile photo can be your logo or a personal picture.  If you opted for a personal photo it helps your audience connect with you and put a face behind the name of your small business. Your Link. Almost all social media networks allow you to link to your website in your profile. So make sure to include your website there. There are various ways to take advantage of this section which well discuss below.

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Your Bio. Your main social profiles bio is usually just a sentence or two about yourself or your business. Your Location. Some social media networks Netherlands Mobile Number List allow you to display your location in your profile. If your small business depends on a local audience then its crucial to include this information in your profile. How to Optimize Your Social Media Profiles Now that weve covered the key elements any social media profile should have lets talk about optimizing those elements . Your Name and You Username So whats a Facebook handle or username on a social media platform.

Whets the best profile username for you

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What’s an online profile username for exactly For starters with any business social media profile your name should be the name of your business Cameroon mobile phone number data unless your business operates under your personal name.  of the URL for a particular social media network. So it may not be identical to your name. Still the two should be clearly related and easy to understand. For example if your business was called City Tech Repair it wouldnt make much sense if your Username was JohnSmith. The two have no obvious relation to someone unfamiliar with your brand. Make.


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