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The things as easy to remember and access as possible for your audience. stock image Stock image from Envato Elements If you look at X formerly Twitter your handle is included in the URL. The same goes for your Facebook page your LinkedIn profile and any other social media network. When you select a username youre creating a branded URL. So it makes sense to choose something brand related even if its just the name of your business again. Some people who cant find your social media links may just assume its something obvious and type it in directly.

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Think about what terms people would use to search for your kind of business.  your URL. Advertisement . Profile and Cover Photo When it comes to Mexico Phone Number List profile photos theres a great debate whether you should go with the logo or with a photo of a person be it you your PR manager or anyone else who youve chosen to be the face of your brand. Generally its recommended to go with a logo if youre an already established brand. If youre just starting out or if youre building a personal brand its better to go with a personal photo.

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The reasoning behind this is that people are more likely to engage with a person than a brand logo especially a brand they dont yet recognize. logo Canadian mobile phone number data profile picture Logo Profile Photo profile photo Profile Photo of a PersonFigure  its your logo or a personal picture use it across all your social media channels to establish consistency and make it easier for people to recognize you. Before uploading it to your social media channels make sure youve named it accordingly either as yourname.jpg or businessname.jpg as that small step can help your SEO efforts. Your cover photo can be a little more creative.


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