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The need a way to keep track of your conversations when your BB email campaign starts getting responses. A good CRM is essential in the followup stage. Anything that helps you keep track of your customer relationships can technically be a CRM. But that doesnt mean something as simple as penandpaper will be good for your business. You update your contact list and track your emails as well as replies. Integrating your CRM with your email service provider will give you deeper analytics. Youll be able to measure open rates and clickthrough rates and attach contextual notes.

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Bravo is a marketing email platform that has its own inbuilt CRM and has a generous free tier. You wont have to break open your bank safe to fund Tunisia Phone Number List your first email marketing campaign. . Analyze your campaign performance Knowledge is power. on the performance of your BB email campaigns the more powerful your marketing strategies will become. Analyzing your email campaign metrics will help you accurately target audience groups that are more receptive to your brand. Open rate the percentage of leads that actually opened your email Clickthrough rate CTR the percentage of leads that clicked on a link or a CTA.

Go for a dedicated CRM that will help

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Conversion rate the percentage of leads that clicked on a CTA and completed the desired action Bounce rate the percentage of email addresses whose U.S. Cell Phone Number Data inboxes rejected the email you sent List size the number of subscribers on a specific email list List growth rate how much larger a subscriber list has grown over a period of time Forwarding rate what percentage of leads reshare your email BB Email Marketing Examples A BB marketing example shows you how a business communicates the value of its offering to other businesses. Weve taken a look at some of the.


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