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The achieve high deliverability. . Organize your followups Your email followups guide your prospect along their customer journey. That includes new customers and existing customers you want to upsell or turn into repeat buyers. The BB customer journey will show you the general steps a buyer will take as they interact with your brand including the steps before and after making a purchasing decision. Map out your customer journey.  retention processes. This will give you a fuller picture of how your customers interact with your brand. BB Customer Journey Source A typical BB customer will become aware of your business while doing their own research.

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The key decisionmakers will consider your offer before making a purchasing decision. Your followups play a critical role as theyre actively considering Vietnam Phone Number List your offer. Here is where a sales funnel comes in handy. A good sales funnel can streamline the decisionmaking process by providing different types of content that the buyer can consume. White papers help articles and case studies are especially persuasive. A sales funnel zooms into customer interactions that are closest to a purchasing decision and brings them closer to striking a deal with you. Its made up of the different stages a buyer moves.

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BB Marketing Funnel Source Think of a sales funnel as a micro view of your customer behavior that highlights the buying process. Whereas Venezuela mobile phone number data the customer journey considers every stage including the prepurchase buying and aftersales interactions. When they accept your offer and have been successfully converted into an active customer youll want to keep them happy. Meaningful engagements such as helpful onboarding emails and email support will boost customer loyalty. BB customers generally have a longer conversion path. They also expect a healthy combination of marketing sales and support emails at every stage of their customer journey You’ll also.


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