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The email copy. Brand image Now to make the most of a template youve got to go a bit further than replacing the placeholder text with your copy. Templates are a great foundation for effective email design. But moreso theyre an opportunity for your brand image to shine through. Dont feel obligated to stick to a templates design features.  that isnt consistent with your brand image like the background color or the fonts for example To build a sense of reliability and trust with your audience your email campaigns should be consistent in terms of design. This means sticking to.

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Email marketing design doesnt have to be only for the big guys. Businesses of all sizes can create a brand image for their email campaigns. For inspiration Dominican Republic WhatsApp Number List check out Coolors.co. Their site lets you experiment with different color palettes. Perfect for discovering your brand colors . Add images where they add value Another email design best practice is using images where they add value. Now you may be tempted to flood your email campaigns with all your latest product photos. While photos are a great.

Way to break up your email message and make your content

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A bit easier to digest theres something to be aware of. Put yourself in the shoes of the email recipient here. Sending emails with too many photos Cameroon WhatsApp Number Data infographics or illustrations can result in a few scenarios Emails taking a long time to load Issues in displaying the content A vague and unfocused message to your audience. To avoid these pitfalls be sure to always ask yourself what kind of value an image adds to your content. Including a few highquality photos of your products spotlighting a team member and using an explanatory infographic are typically great ways to include images in your email campaigns. By contrast stock images.


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