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The extra layer of protection. create an account emails Dont forget your waiting lists. If someone doesnt act on the invitation to join you can reach out and nudge them again just like N does below. invitation to convert email You have to prepare for failed verification. An email sent promptly can save the client the frustration and keep them from abandoning the whole thing. Heres one such example from Revolut. verification problem revolut Onboarding Activation  email providing an overview of your features is a must. Heres how Square Revolut and PayPal do it. welcome email welcome email revolut activation email by paypal.

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Whitelisting your emails with their positive interaction. Better yet go for a fullfledged onboarding series answering FAQs and giving resources. Most people Cayman Island WhatsApp Number List need guidance with financial products and apps so showing them around and explaining how things work and what you have to offer will increase adoption engagement and retention. Such an email drip will help your deliverability as well. People will learn to open such emails because theyre useful and possibly even whitelist you as a sender signals t mailbox providers to continue delivering your messages. Its best to set up an automated onboarding series for each new customer.

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The services they sign up for. Heres a prime example of financial service onboarding emails from SumUp. Onboarding email onboarding Belarus WhatsApp Number Data email Onboarding email onboarding email Onboarding email onboarding email Onboarding email onboarding email Onboarding email Onboarding email . Regular use Transactional emails Customers need confirmation for every transaction or operation they do through your financial service. If you have an app you could handle confirmation directly inapp. However if all actions go through a website most people will prefer to get a message just to make sure.

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