June Sticker Club by Elevated Faith

The Cyber Week Sale by Baby Tula Source Baby Tula pushed out a sitewide sales announcement as part of its Cyber Week marketing campaign. It included a discount code in the notification description and a sitewide discount in the notification banner. Simple and effective.  customers to join its sticker club to turn their June sticker series into collectibles. They included two CTAs to nudge their customers towards joining the club or to check out their new product lineup. Its approach is fun and not overly salesy. . Vape Rewards by Ecigwizard Source Ecigwizard launched its Vape Rewards program with a snazzy push notification.

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Their catchy title hooks the customer in and the notification banner shows off the slick design of their reward card. . Paper Vs Canvas by Arteza Nepal Phone Number List Source Arteza ran a clever opinion poll on whether artists would prefer paper or canvas for their work. They sell both products. So in addition to stirring up a debate they also snuck in their own store promotions. How to Add Web Push Notifications to Your Website There are three main ways to add web push notifications to your website Push Notification Service Push Notification Plugin for WordPress or your preferred CMS Push API Integration Push.

Notification Service The easiest way to integrate

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Browser notifications into your website is through a push notification service provider. Youll get a bunch of useful features that will help you Singapore mobile number data optimize your push notification campaigns including Deeper Personalization Target customers based on their location purchase history page visits and more using highlevel customer segmentation. Your promotions will be truly personal as each customer will have their own unique profile. Customizable Optin Prompts Set a buffer of at least a few website visits or a few minutes of reading time for blog articles before initiating a request for notification permission To seal the.


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