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The will curate offers that have just the right price to encourage impulse purchases. . Welcome Messages Give each new subscriber a warm introduction to your brand with a welcome message. Seasonal greetings are also a great way to make your brand feel friendly and approachable. And don’t forget to wish your customers a happy birthday. .  have more product recommendations ready for each purchase a customer makes. A timely follow up will keep the buying momentum going and improve customer retention. . Support Aftersales Services.

Product Recommendation Ecommerce stores should

The biggest benefit of browser push notifications is its ability to send messages based on customer interactions in realtime. If you have a digital Nigeria Phone Number List product look at how your customer uses your web app or tool suite and identify areas where they may be struggling. Reach out when you think they need the extra help. . Customer Surveys  surveys and opinion polls. Be sure to let them know how long it will take to respond to their questions. The right incentive like a discount coupon or a free gift card will improve response rates and help you get more detailed comments.

Content Updates Send updates that inform your

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Customers about new content theyve been looking forward to. If youre sharing a blog update give them a reason to click through by including an Senegal mobile phone number data enticing highlight or quote in the notification description. Examples of Web Push Notifications Here are some interesting use cases for web push notifications that you can reference in your own push marketing campaigns. For more inspiration check out our complete collection of brilliant web push notification examples. . Black Friday Offer by Three Bird Nest Source Three Bird Nest nailed its Black Friday marketing. It included a whopping discount and a captivating banner that perfectly captures the look and feel of a Bohothemed clothing brand.


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