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The open up opportunities for upsells and crosssells. Triggered campaigns Triggered emails are the ones that are set up to send automated emails when a condition is met. A few examples of such campaigns would be Alert about reaching a limit or registering. A  big gain on investments In insurance which is often set and forgotten about alert about a renewal date approaching. Upselling to a higher plan after year in the current one  period of time using your service. Sending a monthly account report monthly report email. A monthly report triggered email by SumUp tax report paypal. Monthly tax invoice ready alert from PayPal Oneoff campaigns Those are campaigns you run as part of your promotional calendar usually limitedtime offers tied to a particular occasion.

Some ideas Tax Day approaching Giving Tuesday

Loans ahead of Shopping Season Seasonal home maintenance tips for the home owner segment Introducing new products offerings Vietnam WhatsApp Number List Crossselling products or services to the ones people are already using Mass communications about legal changes response to security threats or other news that may impact users Educational content on topics related to your products e.g. budgeting tips healthy spending habits savings timelines paying off student loans mortgage calculators etc. If you cater to younger demographics content can be a huge campaign driver.

So make newsletters a regular part of your email strategy

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Millennials are more moneyconscious than previous generations. Coupled with all the new financial products available youll convert and retain Belize WhatsApp Number Data them easier if you help them understand the offers first. changes in terms mass email PayPal communicating policy changes crossselling offer. Crossselling email by Venmo Reengagement Winback Sometimes users fall into inactivity and need winning back. Those can also be automated if your email service has the necessary triggers and filters e.g. period of inactivity like Brevo does. You can reactivate them with winback emails such as Offering similar but.


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