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The and use this to get content inspiration. You can type in keywords that are relevant to your industry or simply search for what topics are trending right now. Google Trends . Feedly Find content to share with your followers via Feedly. This reader tool lets you pick your favorite online publications and view the latest posts all from one place. Not only will it help you populate your social media channels in a split second but it also helps provide relevant content inspiration. Feedly . BuzzSumo BuzzSumo is a comprehensive content tool that allows you to do a number of things.

Firstly you can find influencers in your industry

To connect with.  posts for certain keywords and find out what content performs best on your competitors sites. You can run a limited Lebanon WhatsApp Number List number of searches each week with the free plan. BuzzSumo . SurveyMonkey Discover what your audience really wants from you by creating a survey with SurveyMonkey. Put together a quick set of questions to share with your audience get the results in a graph format and use the information gathered to fuel your future content efforts. You can create a limited number of surveys each month on the free plan. SurveyMonkey.

Medium Reach aider audience by reshoring

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Your content on Medium. The site lets you add your posts to relevant categories to ensure it gets seen by the right people. It can be a nice addition Iran WhatsApp Number Data to your onsite blog and help direct new visitors to your website. MEDIUM . Flipsnack PDFs and simple emails not creative enough to present your business and products Flipsnack helps you create interactive flip books that can be uploaded shared and tracked across channels. And you dont need any design skills. Free SEO Tools . Siteliner Check your website for broken links and duplicate content using Siteliner. This will help improve your search rankings.


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