When you buy an ad you get a flood

The get started with content marketing for little or even zero upfront investment. A snazzy website certainly helps but people will still share and value a post written on a free blog or social media platform. Theres a caveat to this which Ill cover later. Its How People Make Buying Decisions These Days People dont tend to make snap buying decisions online. They prefer to use all the information out there to help them compare products and do research. According to a PwC study of people do online research before making purchases even of small items like books music and movies.

Other studies have found similar results

So expecting strangers to buy right away is unrealistic particularly if your brand is not wellknown. Its more effective to engage with them first to Cambodia Phone Number List give them information that helps them with their research and try to build trust so that when they do buy they buy from you. You Build Your Profile Many of the people who read your posts or watch your videos will never buy anything from you. But even so that effort wasnt wasted. Youve built brand awareness gained credibility and raised your profile.

Keep providing you with new customers for

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And if the content is hosted on your own website youve probably improved your search engine rankings too. LongTerm Sustainability  of visitors Indian mobile number data and possibly customers. But then when people are no longer seeing that ad the tap gets turned off. Youre back to square oneunless you pay again… and again… and again. A popular blog post or video on the other hand can  years. As long as people can still find the post i.e. it ranks well in search results or other popular sites have linked to it you can get thousands of new visitors for a post you wrote five years ago. The more good content you produce.


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