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The That means low click through rates. Your envelope content consists of three key elements sender name subject line and preheader. These are the basic foundations of effective email marketing. Without them your body copy doesnt stand a chance of holding its own. Photo of an email inbox on a mobile device. Arrows labelling the sender name subject line and preheader. Sender name Were considering sender name as an element of email design. Its a hugely influential factor when it comes to open rates and is arguably even more important than your subject line.

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Why Because its inextricably linked to trust.  ask themselves when scanning their inbox is Is this genuine Your contacts generally look at the Croatia WhatsApp Number List sender name first to determine whether the email is spam. The best way to reinforce trustworthiness and brand recognition is to incorporate your brand name into your sender name. This could mean opting for your company name on its own or personalizing it with an employees first name for example Sarah at Brevo. Including a name can be an effective way to engage your readers on a more personal level.

Many larger companies use a distinct sender

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Name to differentiate departments products services or types of emails to reveal key information about the message itself for example Brevo Bosnia and Herzegovina WhatsApp Number Data News or Brevo Automation.  name displays a real name whether it be the companys name or an employees name not just an email address. Subject line Aim to make your subject line relatively. Short to avoid being truncated but as informative as possible to capture your readers attention. This means highlighting the most important information that you want to communicate upfront. Users tend to only take a glance at the subject line so you need to grab their attention with the first few words Based on the character limits set.


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