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The network youre on and ensure all your cover photos and profile photos are high quality to avoid looking blurred on smaller screens. Here are the recommended image sizes for cover and profile photos across major. Social networks Facebook. Cover photo x pixels Profile picture x pixels X formerly. Twitter Header image x pixels Profile picture x pixels. LinkedIn Banner image x pixels Profile Picture x pixels Pinterest Board cover x YouTube Banner image x TV x Desktop x Mobile Instagram Profile photo x pixels . Which Link to Include in Your Profile.

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LinkedIn and Facebook allow you to include more than one link all of them display only one link thats immediately visible. Therefore its crucial Guatemala Phone Number List your link points to something relevant. Theres nothing wrong with putting your website in your link but there are better ways to make use of this section. Take a look at our own Instagram profile and feel free to follow us. We encourage our users to engage with us via hashtags but we also include a link which takes the viewer to a list of quick links.

This can be a great way to include

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Expansive content in a small space. Instagram Envato is on Instagramcheck out the ways we interact with our audience A great way to use Luxembourg mobile phone number data this section of your profile is to create a specific landing page. For each of the networks youre active on so you can track which profiles are. Bringing your site the most traffic. You could use these pages to offer. A special discount for people who have found you on X formerly Twitter or invite them to. Shop your online store or direct them to your most popular content. Birchbox.


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