If you want your content marketing to be popular

The cool kids are blogging these days so they should do it too although of course every post has to be approved by five levels of management before it can go out. Small businesses can make a similar mistake too by mixing up sounding credible with sounding like. An economics textbook.  you dont have to dumb it down completely and post only cute cat videos. But you do have to make it personal engaging informative and at least somewhat fun to read or watch. Dont think about it as producing contenttry telling stories instead. Its likely to be more interesting both for you and your audience. Dont Be Cheap Another mistake

Iven seen businesses make is to churn out masses

Of substandard content in a cynical attempt to drive up searchengine rankings for particular keywords. They dont want to invest the time and effort France Phone Number List in creating truly useful content so they hire the cheapest possible freelancers to throw something together quickly.  entirelyits about building trust with your customers. What use is a high searchengine ranking if the content people see when they arrive does not inspire confidence Your content is your reputation. Be prepared to make a significant investment either of time or money in doing it right.

That misses the point of content marketing

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Make a Conversion Plan Its easy to get caught up in the challenge of creating great content and to forget that this is a marketing strategy. At some Austria mobile phone number data point you will have to convert all those visitors or followers into paying customers. If youre posting your content on social media or elsewhere. Youll need to link back regularly to your own website. Providing enticing reasons for people to click through. And your site needs to be set up to receive visitors and encourage them to sign up perhaps with a dedicated landing page. You can graba.


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