Campaign Monitor or use Bravo

The to contacts based on predefined criteria. Landing pages Mind that you cant create landing pages with Campaign Monitor. If you need a solution for lead generation youll also need to invest in a landing page builder and integrate it with . Multichannel marketing Campaign Monitor doesnt offer any functionality for multichannel marketing. Meanwhile Brevo lets you combine email and SMS communication effortlessly. And what if you want to reinforce your email marketing campaigns with Facebook retargeting ads You can do it without leaving the Brevo interface. Sales Platform Brevo also offer a Sales Platform. Track and manage sales pipelines set up meetings with prospects directly and keep your team on the same page all from one place.

Automation workflows Similar to Campaign

Monitor Brevo offers automation workflows in all plans. To save your time weve also created readytouse workflow templates that you can apply Belize WhatsApp Number List for common scenarios. Transactional emails Finally both platforms allow you to send transactional emails with high deliverability rates. While many email marketing platforms include transactional email sending in more expensive plans Brevo SMTP and Email API are available for both free and paid users. Create my free Brevo account now . ActiveCampaign Active Campaign Newsletter Screenshot ActiveCampaign is probably the closest Campaign Monitor competitor. If you look at the pricing models the platforms are almost identical but for a few critical features.

Related ACTIVE Campaign Competitors

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ACTIVE Campaign or Campaign Monitor Pricing packages ActiveCampaign starts at month for up to contacts. Free access Neither platform Argentina WhatsApp Number Data offers a free plan. Lead scoring As with the Brevo software ActiveCampaign allows for automated lead scoring. You wont find this feature inside Campaign Monitor. Site tracking If you want to connect your email marketing software to your website activity youd better choose ActiveCampaign. AB testing For users willing to test their email newsletters ActiveCampaign might be too pricey AB testing isnt included in lower.


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