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The look at our own Instagram profile and feel free to follow us. We encourage our users to engage with us via hashtags but we also include a link which takes the viewer to a list of quick links. This can be a great way to include expansive content in a small space. Instagram Envato is on Instagramcheck out the ways we interact with our audience. A great way to use this section of your profile is to. Create a specific landing page for each of the networks. Youre active on so you can track which profiles are bringing your site the most traffic. A special discount for people who have found you on X formerly.

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Twitter or invite them to shop your online store or direct them to your most popular content. Birchbox for example has used this space to direct Pakistan Phone Number List their followers to their online shop. Birchbox uses its Instagram bio to direct visitors to their online shop Birchbox uses its Instagram bio to direct visitors to their online shop. Another approach is to create a landing page that promotes your newsletter signup form and link to it in your social media profile.

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Your email list. On networks such as LinkedIn customize your links anchor text by using the  My Website My Company or My Blog. This allows Chile mobile phone number data you to enter your keywords into the anchor text which is another small step to improve your SEO. Do try to incorporate the keywords naturally as if you were writing a tagline for your business. This Twitter bio includes links to the companys website and Facebook page This X formerly Twitter bio includes links to the companys website. Also for those social media networks that allow more than one link dont forget to include your other social media profiles.


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