Build your email list A necessary first

The list building Planning which types of emails youll send Email design and content creation Sending the campaign and analyzing the results. Etep to sending email marketing campaigns is building a contact list. After all what good is an email marketing campaign without anyone to send it to The best way to build your list is by creating a signup form and featuring it on your website blog and social media. For the best results we recommend settingu. EEE double optin signup form. Double optin signup forms send new subscribers a confirmation email after theyve submitted their email address.

While this adds an extra step to the signup process

It is definitely worthwhile. Double optin helps Avoid deliverability issues from email address typos Give you the opportunity to ask what kind Morocco WhatsApp Number List of content your subscribers want to receive. Ensures your email marketing strategy is. GDPR compliant. Try placing or linking to your signup forms in hightraffic places like your homepage blog social media bios and even your email signature. To learn more check out this article on how to create an email signup form. . Decide the types of email you want to send Now that youve got a strategy to grow your email list its time to decide

Which types of emails you want to send

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The types of emails you send will depend on what type of small business you have. Its always safe to start with a monthly email newsletter. Some Cote d’Ivoire WhatsApp Number Data other examples might include Promotional emails for special offers or sales Seasonal messages for holidays or special events Personalized discounts and coupons for your most dedicated customers Transactional emails ecommerce receipts appointment notifications etc. For a stepbystep guide check out our article on how to create a newsletter. . Create your email design and content The next step to creating an effective small business email marketing campaign is.

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