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The youll be sending new subscribers so they can give informed consent. Checkboxes cant be prechecked. Consent is optin by default not optout. A purchase doesnt mean automatically subscribing to your newsletter. Though you can ask with a separate optin at checkout like in the example below. If a customer doesnt opt in you can only send them transactional emails because theyre essential to the purchase. newsletter subscribe at checkout source Misleading people is against GDPR and will lead to your emails being reported as spam.  buy an email list to speed up your customer acquisition.

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Why should you care about not spamming people Because negative reactions to your emails impact your overall campaign performance and Greece WhatsApp Number List deliverability. So its better to email only the people who want to hear from you. The safest way to do so is by using double optin where new subscribers have to confirm twice that they want to join your mailing list. This will give you only real emails and engaged contacts which guarantees better results. . Add multilist subscription forms To make your newsletter even better you can ask subscribers preferences on the content they receive. Its easy to do with multilist subscription forms.

They help you segment your mailing list contacts

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By interest and provide them with content tailored to their preferences and needs. Here are a few examples of this type of form created by Cyprus WhatsApp Number Data Brevo customers Oregon EBikes easily sends tailored offers and content to its subscribers thanks to this one additional field on their signup form example. newsletter signup form example oregon ebikes Freshly Moms have two subscription forms. The first one is placed on their home page. Its quite minimalist and states the purpose and the content of the newsletter clearly. newsletter signup form example freshly moms The second signup form is an exitintent popup that tries.


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