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The number of sales calls and product demos that convert BB leads into BB buyers. If youre trying to build awareness for a new brand or product line then your attention will shift to growing your list of email subscribers. Email content will be your focus. If your aim is to create more partnership opportunities your strategy will change. Getting responses from highquality leads will matter more than your list size and email volume. . Segment your audience Segmenting a BC audience involves dividing up your potential market into smaller groups. Each division has its own demographics. Such as where they live their age range ethnicity gender identity income and education level.

BB audience segmentation has a similar approach

Of employees. Look at where most of their customers are. Estimate their budget if their sales or revenue figures are available to the public. Or you can Sri Lanka Phone Number List base your estimate on the market average for their business size and industry. BC Audience Segmentation BB Audience Segmentation Geography Region Country City Locality Operations Customer Base Expansions Budget Channels Partners Demographics Age Gender Family Size Occupation Income Race Traditions Religion Firmographics Company Size Market Capitalization Target Markets Market Opportunities Investor Relations Psychology Lifestyle Values Interests.

Communities Influence Role Position Department

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Expertise Behavior Touchpoints Product Usage Buying Habits Objectives Efficiency Growth Usability Scalability Your email content should match UAE mobile number data the specific pain points and business niche of your intended audience. Break your message down into digestible pieces of content. Then create email sequences that facilitate conversations around audience interests. When building your BB email list from scratch make sure your subscribers will be open to your offer i.e. theyve either opted in or theres a clear case for legitimate interest. Never buy an email list. This is particularly important in cold email outreach. Emailing the wrong audience could leave the bulk of your emails unread and marked as.


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