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The of the same email to subsets of your audience and measuring their effectiveness. AB testing helps you figure out what message best resonates with your target audience. Remember buyer personas are constantly changing. directions. Thats why BB email marketing requires a lot of finetuning. to keep up with market trends and match new buyer expectations. . Personalize your automated emails What makes a professional BB email marketing campaign different from unwanted spam is the degree of personalization. As an example an HR company has a popular blog about how to improve workplace environments.

Market forces can also move in unexpected

A potential customer signs up for their newsletter through a link they found in a free ebook about workplace ergonomics. An automated email Uganda Phone Number List will welcome the new subscriber with their first name. A few links to articles about ergonomics will be included in the body of the newsletter. The CTA will be a discount code for a workplace ergonomic assessment. Your message should automatically tailor itself to your customers motivations. Thats what we call buyer intent. Understanding buyer intent will make it easier to personalize your automated emails. You can grasp their intentions by looking at their initial point of contact.

Every subsequent touchpoint will be connected to

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Their areas of interest. Here are some quickfire tips for personalizing your BB emails once youve captured buyer intent Address your lead UK mobile phone number data by their first name Identify the role your lead has in their organization Use terms unique to your leads industry or business niche Nurture your lead with segmented email sequences Share email content that matches the interests of your leads Track open rates and resend content you believe they missed Mention their last interaction with your brand Include personal addresses they can reply to Sending out a large number of personalized emails would waste a lot of time if done manually. Your regular company email isn.

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